5 Remedies for Removing Wrinkle

The face is the index of the mind because we can read someone’s mind by seeing their face. Wrinkled faces may be telling us a lot. Wrinkle-free face helps us to hide age and life’s secrets.

Maintaining a wrinkle-free face should not be an arduous task nor should it make us break the bank. Below I outline easily available and natural products we can use to remove wrinkle in an affordable way and with no side effects.

  1. Using Papaya. Papaya or pawpaw as some people call it, is a great source of vitamin C and a moderate source of folate (one of the B vitamins).

Mash half a Papaya, mix with honey and apply on wrinkles around the mouth to get rid of them naturally.

Papaya and Honey

  1. Tomato. Apart from being delicious, tomato is 95% water and a moderate source of vitamin C. When consumed daily, tomato helps to remove wrinkles from around the mouth by tightening the skin.

Apply tomato pulp for bright and smart looking face

Tomato and Pulp

  1. Egg white contains adequate amount of protein and can help remove wrinkles.

Blended 2 tablespoons of glycerin mixed with rose water and egg white. Applied the mixture on affected areas to get rid of wrinkles.

Egg white

  1. Curd a dairy product obtained by coagulating milk using any edible acidic substance such as lemon juice. Curd can also be used to remove wrinkles. Mixed it with honey, banana and orange juice. Apply the mixture on the face and neck and leave for half an hour, then rinse with plain water to get wrinkle free and radiant skin.


5. Honey and Lemon

Honey being an antiseptic it has many medicinal properties. It can be used for applying and consuming daily. If mixed with some lemon juice it helps to tan the face and make fine lines disappear naturally. Lemon also contains lots of vitamin C, which plays an important role in producing the collagen fibres that help support your skin and keep it firm.

Honey and lemon

There you have it. Armed with these ideas, wrinkle can be a thing of the past.

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