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ALBA Ways was founded on the principle of providing natural, ethical and environmentally-friendly products. At ALBA, our dedication is to see you and your family happy, healthier and stronger. We believe in delivering high-quality and sustainable natural products.

Our flagship product, the ALBA Macadamia Cooking Oil, is extracted from the macadamia nuts. Its simple productions process, which makes it a more naturally processed oil. It has a healthier unsaturated to saturated fat ratio—even better than olive oil! It can be stored unrefrigerated for one to two years, and has a high smoke point of 210°C (410°F), making it the perfect oil for high heat cooking.Cooking

Effective July 2016, our edible seeds and nuts are on the market. We have peanuts, cashew nuts and macadamia nuts that are freshly roasted, and hand-packaged to ensure satisfaction from our customers. We have enjoyed them, and can guarantee that you will too. Grab some today and enjoy the real taste of our products.

We invite you to try our products and we are confident that you will absolutely love them. You will truly agree, that these, are the ALBA Ways!

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