Best Way To Increase Growth Hormone and Testosterone Naturally

There is a lot of controversial information about exercise and aging. This is my take on this subject as I learnt from Dr Daniel Pompa.

Studies show that a lot of aerobics classes, miles on tread mills, running round the parks and many more have very little effect on weight loss and antiaging strategies. Even worse, for antiaging, these exercises are causing harm.

It is recommended that short interval, high intensity training or burst training. The best exercise to increase growth hormone naturally and increase testosterone naturally, with no growth hormone side effects is through a burst training 10 minute exercise program.

This kind of a workout are very effective for weight loss and fat burning. You have a very high chance of muscle gain, and increasing human growth hormone ( HGH ) naturally. Another benefit of this — exercise, is that testosterone will also naturally be boasted and hence lean muscle mass.

Anti-aging or the natural elevation of growth hormone (GH) does not require anti- wrinkle creams or painful injections. It requires anti-aging exercise in 10 minutes.

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