How to Clear Stretch Marks

Stretchmarks are overstretched skin resulting to the small little microfibre being torn. Vitamin E is very important for the skin especially for pregnant mums. Rubbing vitamin E oil on your skin when pregnant is crucial.

 To fix this

  1. You will need any oil rich in vitamin E like FAVAM Argan Oil. It’s a great healer especially for the skin and it does help break down the scar.
  2. The next thing you need is coconut oil or coconut butter it is the same thing and you want to get it in a jar or some type of a container from healthy store. The coconut oil is a vegetarian saturated fat. Another reason why you are going to use coconut oil is because of the type of oil it is on your skin. You have a fat layer that is very similar to coconut oil i.e. a saturated fat and by rubbing coconut oil into your skin, allows better penetration much better than other types of oils. You can get this from the health food store.
  3. The last thing you need is a massage tool. It can be wooden or plastic. 


Every other night before you go to bed, take a bit of FAVAM oil and 1 teaspoon of coconut oil. Put this oil and this coconut butter together over the stretchmarks. Use the massage tool to rub these oils into your skin for two minutes.

As you are rubbing and scrubbing over the scar or the stretchmarks, it’s going to turn a little red. That shows increase of the blood flow and this will increase circulation which is what we are aiming at.

Your skin is a live organ. By doing this, you’re slowly breaking down the scar tissue allowing the blood flow to come in there and bring hormones and heal the area. Make sure you do this every other day. This is because you need the opposite day of rest to recover from the rubbing and the massaging of the skin. Give the area a chance to heal. Do this every other day for a total of one month. You will notice the scars fading away very gradually. Some people, depending on the severity might need to do it for two months.

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