Homemade Tips for Rapid Hair Growth

The importance of hair cannot be overlooked. Most if not all beauty conscious people are aware of that. Why else would anyone spend so much of their time, effort and money to find the most suitable hair style for one’s face. Your hair gives you a distinct personality. So caring for hair is as important as caring for your character. If you are worried about hair loss that you may have noticed recently, there is nothing unnatural about that. Below are some homemade tips to help you increase your hair volume without spending a fortune.

Onion juice has sulphur or sulfur that boosts production of collagen tissues

1. Using Onion Juice.

We agree onion is smelly. Yes, but this onion juice is a very effective remedy for hair growth. Onion not only makes your food tasty but also makes your hair grow and multiply effectively. This is because onion juice has sulphur in it which boosts the production of collagen tissues. Sulphur is one of the main building blocks of hair. It improves blood circulation and provides the hair follicles with sufficient nourishment. Onion also has anti-bacterial properties, so it helps with scalp infections that might contribute to hair loss. Furthermore, it contains the enzyme catalyses, which is an anti-oxidant that can prevent premature graying. These tissues assist in regrowth of your hair.


Here you need red onions or shallots

How to do it;

Option #1; Use 2 to 4 onions. Grate the onions and squeeze out the grate thing to get its juice. Massage your scalp with this fresh onion juice. Leave it there for preferably 15 minutes to one hour. Now wash off your hair with a mild shampoo and water.

Option #2; if you are scared of tears and irritation in eyes due to grating of onions while taking out its juice, take 4 to 5 onions and chop them. Boil 1 litre of water and boil. Put the chopped onions to boiling water and let it boil for another 5 to 10 minutes. Leave the water to cool. Strain and use the water to wash your hair after using shampoo. If you can stand the smell do not rinse hair with other water that day. Next day, shampoo your hair and use clean water to wash off. However, if you can’t stand the smell, at least do not wash off with clean water for an hour. After that, shampoo and rinse hair with clean water.

Onion not only helps in regrowth of hair but also lends your hair with a fabulous sheen.

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