Vegetable Oils: The Enemy Within

We’ve used them for years and generations. However, new research has come to light and connects them to a a very dark future. I’m talking of vegetable oils. And now you are wondering how the cooking gold can be the same agent of doom. This is how:

For starters, there really is nothing like oils from a vegetable. What the processed food industry puts in for food and labels as vegetable oil are in fact oils or fats extracted using extreme chemical, heat and pressure from seeds, seeds that are otherwise waste products. The real danger is that these oils, significantly increase our chances of contracting cancer and subsequently increase the chances of our children having autoimmune diseases. NOW THAT IS A WORRY!!!

vlcsnap-2016-05-20-07h26m45s965Our consumption of these oils has increased over the years. Unfortunately, it is hard to run away from these fats, because they are everywhere. For example in the supermarkets, if a product has fat in it and it’s in the process food section, then the fat being used is in all likelihood oils extracted from seeds.

So, WHY does this matter?

The vegetable oils stay, look and behave in food the same way as the fats that we’ve eaten for generations, BUT chemically they are very different! Udo Erasmus, author of the book, Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill, claims that “Cooking oils are highly processed, using manufacturing methods that are destructive to oil molecules. These practices are utilized primarily to lengthen and stabilize the shelf life of oils.”

Learn the Process of Extracting Processed Oils in the next blog:

stop with vegetable oils 2


You might have come across this word some place else, even on past blog posts. Oxidation is said to have occurred when one molecule gives up an electron to another. Think of the rust on a car, or that telltale paint-like odor wafting from an old box of crackers or the bottle of cooking oil you keep by the stove. That is oxidized stuff (oxidized metal. and oxidized fat respectively). Think of that happening inside your body.

These vegetable oils are much prone to oxidation. Therefore, the body incorporates them into our cell membranes. When a cell membrane reacts with oxygen it destroys itself and falls apart. Destroy enough cells and you create circumstances which are perfect for the development of cancer. This is why we are seeing everywhere we are exposed to these oils, especially the Western societies, the likes of of cancer have increased dramatically.

Practical Experiment:

Take a can of margarine, put it on the kitchen bench and leave it open for a week.


You will have to throw the margarine away. This is because the margarine reacted with oxygen (oxidation). Remember, oxygen is the fuel we humans use. Now picture such margarine in your body, reacting with the oxygen you breathe in.

The Greatest Worry:

In our entire lifetime, we’ll have some form of exposure to cancer and it’s because we have massively increased the consumption of substances that directly lead to the development of cancer. These substances include these toxic seed and vegetable oils.

Even if you decide to avoid all oils as a whole, you end up using them without realizing it. Every loaf of bread sold in the supermarket contains seed oils. Every packet of processed food contains seed oils. Everyday, you are significantly increasing your rates of cancer and autoimmune diseases by using these toxic oils.

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