Shocking Facts About Coca-Cola

A can of Coca-Cola contain so much sugar that it should make you vomit
A can of Coca-Cola contain so much sugar that it should make you vomit
Coca-Cola and cocaine

Back in the day Coca-Cola contained an estimated 9 mg of cocaine in each glass. This cocaine was removed in 1903, however it was replace the following year using spent leaves. Spent leaves are the remains of the cocaine extraction process and still leave slight traces of cocaine. There was once a leaked secret recipe of the drink that revealed that a small amount of alcohol was present in the drink. Coca-Cola production process is now heavily monitored by the government that’s why it has now been clean for a number of years. By the way Coca-Cola is the only company legally able to import the coca leaves into the US.

Coca-Cola should make you vomit

A 330 mL can of Coca-Cola contain so much sugar that it should make you vomit after the first 10 minutes of consumption. However Coca-Cola contains phosphoric acid that stops you from vomiting. Phosphoric acid reduces the sugary flavour in the drink. Interestingly 45 minutes after taking Coca-Cola drinking the body mirrors the same effects as taking heroine by releasing dopamine to stimulate the pleasure senses in the brain. After an hour your body crushes and you become drowsy and irritable. It also causes you to urinate the water content from the can, which takes with it valuable nutrients that could have been used elsewhere in the body.

More about the sugar level

Coca-Cola contains 10.6g of sugar per 100ml – so that’s 35g in a 330ml can (equivalent of 7 teaspoons) and 26.5g in a 250ml can (equivalent of 5 1/2 teaspoons). All that sugar will cause weight gain.

Coca-Cola and Pesticides

In India, it was proven that there were high levels of pesticides in Coca-Cola products. This was due to the local water there anyway. Subsequently, some Indian farmers were reported to be using Coca-Cola as a cheap alternative to pesticides.

Coca-Cola and Dasani®

Coca-Cola released a new brand of pure bottled water called Dasani® to the UK market. Dasani® water was said to have a ‘highly sophisticated purification process. Later it was found out that the process was just reverse osmosis, an extremely common process used in most domestic water purification units. Incidentally it was also revealed the water contained 10 mcg/L of the carcinogenic (having the potential to cause cancer) chemical bromate. Worse still they had marked up Dasani® drink to $1.5 per half a litter. Coca-Cola voluntarily withdrew the Dasani® product. Unfortunately Dasani® water is still on sale in the African market where consumers are not very informed.

Coca-Cola and Erectile dysfunction.

Coca-Cola was first created and sold as a valuable brain tonic and a most wonderful invigorator of sexual organs. This factor proved to be extremely popular. Our knowledge of food science has increased, and it is now more likely that the sugar in Coca-Cola would be a cause of impotence in men. Study found that individuals who drank around 1L per day had lower sperm concentration and quality than those who didn’t.

Aspartame in Diet coke

Aspartame in Diet coke is a possible carcinogen. This means it might give you cancer. Aspartame is an artificial sweetener that was discovered by accident in 1965 by James M Schlatter. It is around 200 times sweeter than regular sugar. Aspartame is one of if not the most extensively tested food additive in the world. Today Aspartame is used in about 6000 product in about 90 countries in the world. More than 150 food agencies worldwide have given Aspartame their seal of approval. As far as multinational cooperation and government authorities are concerned, the safety of Aspartame is not in question.

Coca-Cola is known to have been effectively used to;
  1. Repel insects
  2. Kill snails and slugs
  3. Clean car battery terminals
  4. Clean the burnt stuff from pans
  5. Loosen rusty bolts
  6. Clean car engines
  7. Make chrome shine again

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