Are You Drinking The Right Water?

Spring sourced fresh water
Spring sourced fresh water

It is very important to know the right water that you should drink. Your body is a living organism and so the best water for it is fresh, living water. This is water that has not been processed, tampered with or denatured in any way.

Let us first look at Municipal Tap Water. It is usually recycled toilet and bathroom water. It is collected and then sent to a treatment facility where many chemicals are added to get rid of pathogens. Then it is brought back to your taps and you go on drinking it. However, the processes it goes through are unable to remove all the sediments in the water.

Shockingly, city water has been found to contain a large amounts of tissue paper and tampon paper. You can test that by putting electrodes in a glass of this water. You will clearly see the matter from tampon, tissue paper and many more, begin to separate from the water molecules visually.

Drugs are also being found in municipal water. Traces of many prescription drugs like chemotherapy ones, anti-depressants among many others are found in the tap water. During water treatment, all these drugs cannot be removed completely and they are found when the water is tested.

There are 256 chemicals found in the tap water. Some chemicals being used to treat water are not really safe.

One of them is chlorine. We know chlorine is a bleaching agent. It destroys the friendly flow of balance in your system making you more prone to different pathogens and strong strains of bacteria. This is one way you become antibiotics dependent all the time. Chlorine gas in history was used by Hitler to madder the Jewish people. If you’ve ever felt dizzy when you came out of a hot shower, most likely that was caused by Chlorine molecule in the water turning into Chlorine gas. Unfortunately you made your own Chlorine gas chamber.

Pineal gland also known as third eye
Pineal gland also known as third eye

The other chemical being used is fluoride. To begin with, fluoride was used by tyrant rulers like Stalin and Hitler to make people in the concentration camps docile and sterile. It is very harmful and has a direct impact on the pineal gland (which produces melatonin) in the brain. This part is also called the third eye. This is the part responsible for your willpower and it’s also known as the third eye.

  • Fluoride is very harmful to the thyroid gland.
  • Over exposure of fluoride to the teeth causes dental fluorosis.
  • Fluoride makes bones more brittle because it is harder than calcium.

So, the best water to drink is spring-sourced fresh water. This is ennobled pure water right from Mother Nature. It is very rich in hydrogen and it hydrates you well. When the body is not well hydrated, it stores water to compensate for the shortage. Such phenomenon causes the body to start gaining weight unnecessarily.

Spring-sourced fresh water is also free from pollution. Right now you should be thinking of where to discover springs in your area.

Apart from spring water, the next best water is well water from a drilled well. It may not be as mature as the spring water but it does not contain the pollutants found in tap water. It may even be hard water meaning its high in mineral that have not fully incubated to become fully structure but I know it is better than municipal tap water.

If for any reason you can’t get spring-sourced fresh water or well water from a drilled well, then make your water.  By making your water I mean filter. In this case you can buy an under-sink reverse osmosis water filter system. With this you are assured that it is not contaminated with chlorine, fluoride, plastic materials and drugs. It is also advisable to add some Himalayan salt to the water you have filtered to replace the minerals lost during the process.

How should these good water be storage?

Avoid plastic bottled water
Avoid plastic bottled water

Good water should come in glass bottle. Avoid plastic bottled water at all cost. Plastic is photo-degradable. That means light breaks it down. Water being a solvent as we know, dissolves the broken down plastic in it. Plastics are Xenoestrogens meaning they create a Hyperestrogenic situation in a person. That means there is excess estrogen in the body. This leads to over-feminization of men making them grow breast tissue and belly fat and estrogen related cancers in women and fibroid tumors.

Our blood has a pH level of 7.35 making it slightly alkaline. This means we must always try to maintain this alkalinity. Acidity on the other hand, causes diseases to thrive and it is unhealthy. Excess acidity in bottled water causes arthritis and cancer cells thrive in acidity. So choose the water that is alkaline.


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